Sofa Sleepers and LG TVs

Sofa Sleepers and LG TVs

Excess Inventory Sale

I need warehouse space!

Huge Savings On Sheraton Sofa Sleepers!

Buy 10 or More and Save Up to 50%!

Normally $100 each

Where else an you get a sofa sleeper for $50

Plus Get these LG 32″ TV for only $85

Hurry stocks are fast moving – limited stocks only

Do you need Room furniture? 

 Full Room Group or just Partial Items to Update your rooms.
Give us a call 972-780-7600,
We can take care of what you need.

  1. Chris StahlChris Stahl09-06-2017

    To the business development manager. I am a small business that just started about four months ago. I have an interesting idea of how to move some of your products, especially the sleeper sofas. I have considered that you find space valuable under the circumstances of time. I am putting in a request for an inquiry so that I can help you move product faster and make you an offer I see more suitable for the market. Considering your offer of 10 sleeper sofas at $50 each I will offer you $30 each and will maintain continuity between us from there after. I hope we can work this deal out as I’ve calculated my interest, plus time, and transportation. Thank you for considering my offer.

  2. Lilia RodriguezLilia Rodriguez12-26-2017

    Love the site looking for a cheap living room set. And a sofa bed contact me

  3. ManuelaManuela02-24-2018

    Do you have any king size bed sofas..

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